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I’ve been a basketball aficionado since the 1990’s whether the PBA or NBA and I myself is addicted to the game itself but lately I haven’t played the game due to other commitments.

Let me take you to the local scene of the game called basketball which is the PBA(Philippine Basketball Association). I just want to share two players that I look up to from the past and the present. I am a die hard fan of the PUREFOODSFranchise now known as BMEG.

Alvin PatrimonioBack in the days when you talk about PUREFOODS you will only remember one name. No further introduction because he is the 4 time Most Valuable Player of the league, Alvin “The Captain Patrimonio” and now in the present era when you talk about BMEG, You’re just talking about the 2 time MVP himself “Big Game” James Yap.

The CaptainBasketball fanatics out there may question me why do I idolize such players who doesn’t even have electrifying moves. They are not exciting and explosive like their counterparts in the league who loves to do show time moves, dribbling exhibitions and highlight reels. That’s the sad thing about this game the misconception of people if you are a high flyer, you do slam dunks is you are already a good player but for me that is not the case of measuring a greatness of a player.

            Here are some of the qualities of the 2 why I am so impressed with them:

CLUTCH PERFORMERS – When the game is on the line and the chips are down, They perform to the level that are expected to them.

SIMPLE BASKETBALL – They have an array of moves that can escape there defenders without doing such effort, they do simple moves but so effective.

TEAM PLAYER – They are not worry of sharing the limelight with their team mates. Even if they are the go to guy but if someone in the team is hot they support them.

CHARISMATIC ENIGMA – When they step on the court even the fans of other teams loves to see them and they are respected by their co-players and coaches in the league.

CLEAN SPORT – They don’t play dirty.

HUMBLE – In and out of the playing court you cannot see them do trash talk, do stare downs, no arrogance when they convert some big baskets. Very down to earth individuals that praise god every game and love their fans.

James YapEven thou they play different positions because The Captain is arguably the Best Power Forward ever in PBA History while Big Game is considered as one of the best Shooting Guard right now, you can still see the similarities in there game.

            Here are some trivia’s about them:

-          They did not win any championship in their collegiate career.

-          They did not win the Rookie of The Year Award.

-          They both can dunk in a game but prefer not to do so.

-          They both have Championship rings.

-          They are both Philippine National Team Players.

-          They both had relationships with Kris Aquino.

-          They played in the same team together.

Big GameBut if I’ll be asked right now who will I choose from the 2? No doubt it will be Cap not because I am a 90’s baby, I guess right now in the present time, No one could erase the peat that #16 had already achieved even though Yap has 2 plums under his belt I don’t think he can catch 4 because the level of play before was so tremendous unlike right now it’s all just hype.

One things certain the Legacy of Patrimonio will surely be continued by Yap and PUREFOODS PRIDE will always remain.



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